The world’s most comprehensive greatest largest guitarbook for learning to play guitar solos. SO LEARN PLAYING GUITAR SOLOS

Dear Guitar Friends,

First of all, we would like to wish you all a wonderful day with your guitar. A heartfelt thank you for visiting our homepage GUITAR SOLO.
Is it sometimes the same for you, that you love your guitar and at the same time you have the feeling that you have practiced enough? In this book, we have tried to combine all of the essentials that we need as guitar players. We are not friends of theoretical models or explanations and would rather emphasize the joy and fun of playing. For this reason, we have decided to let the book GUITAR SOLO speak for itself.

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2.If you like read what others have to say about this book 

3.If you like read what others have to say about this book 


Here you can see a review from the Toneking USA, he has 100K follower on youtube

The book has 99% Notes and Tabs and only 1% text.

After we had put all of the material for the book together, we were astonished how comprehensive it turned out to be. However, after extensive consideration of the pros and cons, we felt it was better to leave the dynamics and the extent of the book as it is in order to better facilitate the learning process.
We have been friends of the guitar and guitar topics for decades and feel at home with all genres. We wish you all a lot of fun playing the blues, shred, runs, arpeggios, triads …
Certainly you will choose the right notes. Please use a metronome to train your timing. Choose a tempo which fits to your progress and abilities. Of course, all tabs and notes printed in this book are for you to play.
Globalization is progressing steadily. For this reason and because this book only has a limited amount of text, we have published it in English as well as in German.

Enough of the words, let’s start playing!

Guitar Solo 2.0 Edition