Playing a guitar solo is the supreme discipline for every guitarist.
The material in this book is a treasure trove for all music lovers who want to play good guitar solos. The detailed content of this book encourages your creativity to blossom. If you are on the road with Heavy Metal, you will find multifaceted notes in tabs and staff notation. Rock, Blues, Pop and Shred guitarists are extensively informed. The content of the book supports absolute beginners as well as advanced players.

The book has 99% Notes and Tabs and only 1% text.


Beginning with chords and all the way up to demanding arpeggios, Guitar Solo is the most comprehensive book in the world with over 1100 pages full of notes, tabs and keys for Pentatonic, Diatonic, Modes, Triads, Chord Progressions, Cadences, Inversions, 16th-Note-Runs, Power Chords, Arpeggios, Shred, Drop D and Must-know Exercises. Accompanying graphics serve as a support. This book is not only published in high quality, but also internationally oriented in one bilingually issued volume in English and in German due to expanding globalization.  Look inside »

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The world’s most comprehensive greatest largest guitarbook for learning to play guitar solos.

Get TABS AND NOTES with Power chords, Shred, Solo playing, Metal & Rock and Blues.

Over 1100 pages, easy learning:

Pentatonic // Diatonic & Modes
Arpeggios // Triads
Power chords // Shred & Chords
Solo playing // Metal & Rock
16th-Note Runs // Blues
Inversion // Cadence.

for beginner, intermediate, advanced
in English and in German

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